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Mia Luce Winery is a quality garage winery founded by Kobi Arviv in 2008. Initially using internationally recognized varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, he crafted high-quality critically-acclaimed wines. However Kobi, a relentless student and researcher, did not rest and sought a unique identity and style for his winery, one that would define him and his work as being authentically and naturally linked to the Mediterranean climate of the region.

As early as 2009 he started to produce Carignan wines and over time additional Mediterranean varieties such as Syrah, Marselan and White Colombard were added to his repertoire. Following in-depth research both in Israel and abroad, and the understanding that these varieties best enable the winery to express its philosophy, Mia Luce moved on to the next stage. To this aim, for over a decade already, Kobi has been a leading and precise exponent of using grape stems, doing whole-cluster fermentations, aging in large barrels and more.

Today, Mia Luca Winery has one white wine called Blanc produced solely from White Colombard and three red wines. One of the reds is a Mediterranean CSM blend – Carignan, Syrah and Marselan – Kobi’s unique interpretation of a rich and harmonious Mediterranean blend, uniquely Land of Israel, similar to and different from the famous blend of the Southern Rhone Valley, the GSM (Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre).

The other two reds are varietal wines. One is Syrah & Stems, 100% Syrah grapes that are fermented with stems as well as some whole clusters for a fresh, spicy and elegant expression. The other is Whole Cluster Marselan where full bunches of Marselan grapes are fermented to take this variety to its purest and most beautiful expression of exceptional florality, refinement and nobility.

One man show

The Winemaker

Kobi Arviv

the owner and winemaker of Mia Luce Winery is self-taught and, endowed with keen senses, he brings with him an authentic winemaking philosophy that strives to reflect the region, the vineyard and the grape varietal in the creation of the wine. Kobi believes in a Mediterranean adaption that connects the selected grape varieties to the Israeli climate.

He founded Mia Luce Winery in 2008 and over time developed professionally, and researched and studied the world of wine.

Kobi is a leader of a clear and distinct stylistic winemaking style that is expressed in gastronomic, balanced and elegant wines that enhance the culinary experience.

He is known for his creativity, for using ancient and unique techniques along with modern technological advances.

Using stems, whole clusters and fermentation in large oak barrels, and by paying close attention to every stage of the winemaking, are just some of his ways of producing exact and high-quality wines.

Impressive, passionate winemaking, with daring and vision.


“The moment where he realized that the way to elegant and fresh expression in his wines is the use of stems, whole clusters, large wooden barrels from excellent producers, and of course the meticulousness of the creative process that characterizes Kobi and his wines.”

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Warning: Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous and unhealthy.

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